Chemical Sensitivity
Here’s to a healthy, safe, fragrance free future!

Over the years we have become highly sensitive to Perfumes and Fragrances. Scented products that are perceived as pleasant to others can affect us with toxic chemicals and potent VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Many people don’t realize that the seemingly harmless products they use everyday could be contributing to serious health risks including cancer, central nervous system disorders, autoimmune disorders, kidney damage, asthma, infertility, miscarriage, and child behavior disorders including learning disabilities, mental retardation, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders. For this reason we request that all participants use Scent Free products while attending workshops or in person coaching sessions.

Please learn more about safe alternatives to the product you use in your home, on or in your body, in your laundry, and around your yard. Your health and the health of your family depends on it.

Environmental Working Group
EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Health Impact
Get a Whiff of

Chemical Body Burden by Bill Moyers on PBS
Body Burden Testing for Toxins answered by Andrew Weil, MD
Do It Yourself Naturally

Quit Smoking Community
Tobacco Free College Campus Inititave

We also recommend getting the free app from the Environmental Working Group called Healthy Living  which is powered by Food Scores and Skin Deep. Loading it on your smart phone makes it easy to scan barcodes and receive an instantaneous report on the toxicity of ingredients. If you know of other sites to include send me an email.

Workshop Locations
Some of the places we’ve enjoyed presenting.

Breitenbush Hot Springs
Retreat and Conference Center where some of our workshops are held offering natural hot spring pools, hot tubs, sauna, massage, daily well being programs, hiking, relaxing, geothermally heated cabins, and three organic vegetarian meals daily. We’ve been presenting the Self Care and Reflections workshops there annually since 2003.

South Hills Center, LLC
A community committed to the artistry of healing offers an event rental space for special events. This facility is also the location of our office and Kassy has been managing the facility since 2011. We’ve offered a variety of short workshops here over the years including couples work, Reflections, and Breathing workshops.

Hali Kai (ocean house)
A living and learning center on the south Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. We’ve offered a number of workshop retreats here over the years and look forward to returning at some point in the future.

Kenyon Ranch and Star Foundation
Retreat Center where Star Foundation founder Barbara Findeisen, specialist in pre and perinatal psychology, and staff provide a variety of transformational healing workshops. We presented the Couples Workshop at Kenyon Ranch.

A Few of Kassy’s Inspirational Coaching Clients
Some of the people I admire.

True North Health Care
Finding your direction to better health! Founded by Diane Pittman, MD and Mary Salter. MD. Located in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Ideal Medical Care
Founded by Pamela Wible, MD, America’s leading voice for ideal medical care who is leading the global revolution to end the physician suicide crisis. She is the author of two books, a blog, numerous print articles, radio interviews, TV appearances, videos, a TEDxSalemTalk and a TEDMedTalk.

Country Garden Nursery
Exquisite flower baskets by Melissa McLaughlin. If you’ve been to our office during the Spring, Summer or Fall you’ve seen our examples of her beautiful creations.

Metolius Ridge Tile
Handmade artisan tiles. Custom designs and luscious colors by talented artist Justyn Livingston.

Creative and Self Care Resources
Some of the people and places I like to visit.

The Painted Self
I had been painting for about about a year when I felt the inspiration to move onto a larger canvas than my 18″x24″ limitation. After months of feeling immobilized, I was grateful to hear about Nan Weed. In addition to being a wonderful artist she offers Intuitive Painting workshops. Nan is an excellent facilitator and a wonderful guide into releasing creative limitations. Attend one of her workshops!

The Pearl Day Spa
This fabulous day spa is owned and operated by dear friend, Susan Zahn. If you live in Eugene/Springfield (or are passing through) you owe it to yourself to check out the wonderful array of services they provide. And, if you “like” them on facebook you’ll find all kinds of recipes for do-it-yourself body treatments.

Friends who inspire me
Some of the people I love to listen to.

Kim Rosen
Poetry, breathwork, CDs and transformational healing workshops. Kim is a gifted artist, teacher, and “poetry dispenser.”

Jami Sieber
Singer, songwriter, and gifted messenger of sound on the electric cello including collaborations with the Thai Elephant Orchestra.

The Work of Byron Katie
Katie offers workshops, books, tapes, and resources to relieve suffering which are based on the question, “Who would you be without your story?”

Peter Kater
Piano music to soothe and relax including sounds for the healing arts, forgiveness, transcendence and peace.

Jennifer Berezan
ReTurning and other fabulous CDs at

Inspirational Products and Reading List
Happy Shopping!

Planetary Design
Manufacturer of French Press Travel Mugs and other great products. We have the “Double Shot” and the “Boot Cut.”  Great for making coffee or bulk tea on the go.

Books authored by Kassy.

Recommended Reading List
An emerging list of books, music and other resources authored by lots of different people including the ones listed above.

Some Fun at the End of This Page
Enjoy a laugh or two!

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