Now that we’re retired this page describes the consulting we offered:

The Authentic Workplace

kv250dpiAs our coaching and consulting practice evolved, we began to notice a troubling trend. Many people were, at a core level, fundamentally dissatisfied with their work. Their discontent had the power not only to contaminate the workplace but it invariably spilled over into other areas of their life, impacting their health, family, and personal relationships. Conversely, others were very successful and wholly engaged in their work but at the exclusion of a balanced life. They worked long hours and were frequently over-extended. From the former, companies did not receive full value. Although employees exhibited bursts of energy and creativity outside the workplace, they seemed tired and shrunken on the job. The latter pushed themselves beyond reason, performing frantically until their bodies and spirits wore out. We wondered why these extremes were so persistent and so pervasive.

The Authentic Workplace is our remedy.

Our Mission…
To assist individuals and organizations in becoming fully authentic by exploring accountability, honesty, integrity and awareness.

W. Victor Rozek, Certified Coach
Victor has been described as “insightful, wise, and playful.” He is a Certified Coach and a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, skills he combines with insights gained from 25 years of personal development work. He is also a freelance writer who has written extensively on business and management issues. Prior to that he spent 17 years in a variety of managements positions in the IT industry, including seven years with IBM. Victor believes that living authentically is the surest path to living without regret.

Kassy Daggett, Somatic Therapist
Kassy has been described as “inspiring, highly intuitive, and a gifted teacher.” As a Somatic Therapist, experienced Consensus Facilitator, and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she brings 25 years of personal development and business management to the seminar room. Kassy has facilitated personal development workshops in Alaska, Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. She believes change is an inside-out process, and if you cannot find solutions in your own body, you will not find them elsewhere. She believes that authenticity is a moment to moment choice, not a destination.

The Case for an Authentic Workplace

As we enter the new millennium, business continues to grow in complexity and competitiveness. The market demands greater efficiency. Customers demand personalized service and flawless products. In response, managers and employees are stretched to the limits of their creative and physical capacities. The pursuit of excellence is unending, and everyone is looking for an edge.

Competing businesses, however, typically already use comparable technologies and offer similar products and services. Overlooked in the quest for competitive advantage is the fact that the most valuable assets a business has–assets that cannot be duplicated by a competitor–are its people. A business’s unique advantage lies in the character of its employees and their ability to maximize individual skills in support of the overall vision. But in order to exercise the complete range of their abilities, employees must first be authentically and fully themselves.

People are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual beings, and when all parts are allowed to work in concert, productivity, achievement, and satisfaction soar. Most businesses, however, hire people for some part of their brain, or perhaps their brawn, and either discourage or outright punish them for bringing other parts of themselves to work. In essence, they are hiring and benefiting from only one fourth of each person, paying people to be less than they are–a practice that is clearly ineffectual for both employer and employee. When employees are fitted with flow restrictors as they come through the door, creativity, passion, and contribution are also inevitably restricted. Impeding life-force in one area, constricts the flow in other areas.

Some constraints are external or systemic, and some are internal and self-imposed. The results are all too familiar: employees who are fully employed but not fully engaged; physically there, but not totally present; able to communicate, yet withholding some essential part of their truth. When working for prolonged periods without heart, passion, or authenticity, exhaustion is the body’s first response to its life-force draining away. A major source of burnout is the extreme energy drain of keeping one’s true self safely suppressed, while attempting to accelerate workplace contributions. Unless authenticity is nurtured and supported, the business is left with an unresolvable paradox: people cannot shrink and grow at the same time.

The Authentic Workplace seminar assists individuals and organizations to reclaim the values of passion and authenticity. It is designed to teach the skills people need in order to focus the full force of their beings on the challenges of the workplace. The foundation of the seminar rests on the cornerstones of Accountability, Respect, Integrity, and Awareness.

We believe everyone has the inner resources to elevate their contribution. Our aim is to inspire, and to help participants invigorate their most important professional relationship–the one with themselves. The positive changes made by individuals will unfailingly show up in the organization. Thus, the success of a business is built on the success of its employees.


  • A fully engaged workforce
  • Greater enthusiasm
  • Honest communication
  • Deeper personal satisfaction
  • Increased creativity
  • Reclaimed passion and heart
  • Healthy working relationships
  • Decreased paralysis from fear
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased fun


The Authentic Workplace Seminar
We offer The Authentic Workplace as a two-day seminar. A half day is devoted to each cornerstone: Accountability, Respect, Integrity, and Awareness. Lectures are combined with interactive and experiential processes through which participants can practice new skills and productive behaviors.

The Authentic Leader Seminar
A one day management and leadership seminar designed to clarify values, build a common vision, and align principles with actions. Leaders will also learn advanced communication skills, how to manage difficult behaviors, and to identify areas in which they collaborate for mutual benefit or defect in pursuit of personal power.

Authentic Communication Intensive
A half-day communication intensive which covers the principles and practice of Authentic Communication. Included are the beliefs and behaviors that support authentic communication; the differences in learning and information processing styles, and how to match your communication to the listener’s style.

Executive Coaching
Rozek & Daggett Consulting offers executive coaching to leaders seeking to be more effective in all aspects of their lives. Challenges include, but are not limited to: creating a compelling vision and attracting support for it; clarifying and/or realigning values; learning advanced communication skills; getting full value from your employees; managing stress; achieving greater personal satisfaction; finding balance in a crushingly busy life; and finding the courage to be a voice for positive change.

Customized Training
When change is constant, learning is survival. We pride ourselves on a unique ability to design new programs and customized training which meets the specific needs of each client. (i.e. Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Prevention, Performance Management, Time Management, etc.)

C L I E N T   T E S T I M O N I A L S

“Your presentation at McKenzie Willamette Hospital was absolutely the most superb essential communication presentation that I have ever experienced. You were awesome! The materials you selected, how you sequenced them; masterfully, wonderfully done. What a great, great contribution you made in such a tiny amount of time.”
~Stephen Victor, President, Victor Leadership Council

“Kassy and Victor were the highest rated presenters at our Inservice Trainings. Good combination of ‘show me’ and ‘tell me” formats. I personally benefited from this training in my relationship with my daughter.”
~LuAnne Boettiger, RN, MN, Director of Staff Development, McKenzie-Willamette Hospital

The survey scores and comments reflect continued value for the staff!”
~Susan Murray, Staff Development, McKenzie-Willamette Hospital:

Comments from Staff • Participant Feedback Forms:

  • Kassy and Victor were great presenters!
  • Authentic Communication–let’s have them back!
  • Best training on this topic I’ve heard.
  • Good info that I can use in everyday settings, work and home.
  • Finally something informative, helpful and worth the time.
  • Authentic communication was the highlight of the day.
  • Communication is a super important topic. Please have this couple return for a longer training.
  • Authentic Communication was GREAT! We need these guys for our new employees!
  • Invite Kassy and Victor back for longer! They were great!
  • Terrific speakers!

Comments from Management • Participant Feedback Forms:

  • They work well together, enjoyed the Inservice. Excellent!
  • I learned some tools to go back immediately to use both at work and at home.
  • Good teamwork! Information was concise, appropriate to the environment and helpful.
  • Both Kassy and Victor were very good speakers.
  • Thanks, [the seminar] was non-threatening, refreshing and helpful.