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Compassion Fatigue on The Path of Service

A BreathWork Workshop for Health Care Professionals and All Those Who Work In-Service to Others

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“This workshop was safe, powerful, expansive, and transformative.”
~Dennis, LMT, October 2006

Once you are called to “The Path of Service” it can be challenging to remain available for others when your own life events or the world around you becomes overwhelming. Self Care offers an opportunity for health care professionals, and those who work in service to others, to do the deep personal work of clearing compassion fatigue and releasing burnout. This is the key to working from a clear foundation of ethical integrity.

We will explore the transformational journey of BreathWork and other guided processes in the supportive embrace of a community of healers.

Take time out for yourself…

  • Review your life path and identify your personal challenges.
  • Engage in individual, one-on-one, small group, and large group experiential processes designed to address each person’s challenges or concerns.
  • Create a compelling vision for your future, by developing healthier boundaries and the communication resources to implement it.

This workshop provides an opportunity to…

  • Remember who you really are.
  • Reconnect with your caring true nature as well as your personal priorities, and
  • Recommit to your path with clear vision, passion, and action!

Take time to actively breathe spirit back into your life and clear the way for being fully present—with yourself first—which is the foundation for being fully present with others. This workshop is designed for all health care practitioners including: massage, physical, occupational, and recreational therapists; doulas, midwives, nurses; doctors, counselors, therapists, psychologists, etc. and all who walk the Path of Service. All are welcome!

Enjoy a personal renewal retreat…share the journey of…Self Care on the Path of Service.

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DATES: May 22-25, 2020 (Begins Friday Dinner, Ends Monday Lunch)
NOTE: Cancelled due to Covid-19
LOCATION: Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon
: $379 ($349 early registration by 5/1) plus lodging
DEPOSIT: Cost of lodging
LODGING: Lodging costs are per person and range from the lowest being your tent or personal vehicle to highest being a cabin with a bathroom. Breitenbush Lodging Rates. All options include three sumptuous meals per day and full use of the soaking pools, common areas, daily well being programs, etc.
: Call Breitenbush or email with your name, phone number, workshop name, and a friendly person from the Breitenbush office will return your call.

: Call Kassy Daggett or email
CEs, CEUs, CMEs: 24 hour

Kassy Daggett and Victor Rozek are skillful workshop facilitators who offer personal and professional coaching for individuals, couples and groups. Kassy has been described as “inspirational, entertaining and authentic.” Victor has been described as “compassionate, irreverent and wise.” They are both NLP certified with a vibrant coaching practice in Eugene. We have been offering the Self Care workshop at Breitenbush since 2003.

S E L F   C A R E   T E S T I M O N I A L S

What did you like best about the Self Care workshop?

“Your insight and ability to create a supportive environment–so far from my home in Ohio–helps me remember that I am strong and capable, able to better care for others when I care for myself first. That’s why I keep coming back year after year and recommend it to my friends and colleagues.”
~Krisanna Deppen, Physician, May 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (with plans for 2018)

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Kassy and Victor. They have a special gift of inclusiveness, kindness, and curiosity. My life is so much better because of their talents.”
~Melissa Mitchell, Attorney,
May 2017

“The segment on identifying your personal values was profound for people like myself who find themselves too engrossed in their service profession to take the time to think. This alone will change the way I plan my life in the future.”
~Sharon Forster-Blouin, PhD, DVM,
May 2017

“The facilitators are great! This is my first time and I know I will return often. I have regained my personal power to more forward with strength and confidence. My nervous system is settled. I have a calm, peaceful sense of where and how to proceed. My breath is powerful and deep. The journey of self discovery and the willingness to process is very POTENT. I’m grateful for your love, support, compassion and humor!”
~Reisae Young, LMT,
October 2009

“I love this workshop! I was able to identify and shift a self limiting belief in a safe, loving environment. I’ve remembered that I am a loving, compassionate, authentic woman.”
~Amy Carmona, RN, October 2006, October 2009

“Where better to hold this workshop than the amazing, powerful and healing sacred space of Breitenbush. Each participant taught me so much, mostly that every one of us is worthy of love, attention and forgiveness.”
~Annelise Heitman, LCSW, October 2008, October 2009

“I was given tools that I can take home with me to the ‘real world.’ I’ve realized that I need to take more time for myelf and then I’ll be a better mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter. I will also be BREATHING, BREATHING, BREATHING!”
~Aymee Wilson, LMT, October 2009

“Not only did I leave feeling nourished I received what I wanted in a safe and caring approach.Thank you!”
~Bobbi Hyland, LMT, October 2007, October 2009

“I have more clarity on the changes I will make to my routines. My body feels more open and light. Your loving intention and attention to each individual was beautiful and extraordinary.”
~Lynette Dickson, LMT, October 2009

“Thank you for one of the top highlights of my life (the other being tornado chasing for 10 days). Everyone on the path of service needs healing in some area and this workshop will provide for that in a unique, humorous, gentle setting.”
~Sandy Ckodre, Mental Health Case Worker, October 2008

“I am in awe of the power of my breath. I’ve remembered that I am a strong and open woman, trusting and free!”
~Angel Rain, RN, May 2006, April 2008

“I want to thank all of you for the gifts you brought to the retreat, and for those you gave to me. I have been amazed at how often I put to use the things I learned — from breathing, to rock passing, to simply sitting with others in anxious states. I learned a lot from you and I am grateful. I am also grateful for just the time away, with folks like you, people intent on bringing more joy, more love, more healing & more meaning into their lives, and equally determined to spread it around. I felt held and healed by you in more ways than I can even imagine.”
~In the Big Love, Susan Leo, pastor, October 2006

“The supportive kinship (and humor!) that was cultivated within the group created a safe environment for self disclosure, examination, and healing. I continue to practice some of the breathwork skills that were taught and have found benefit especially for stress and insomnia. I have a richer, deeper and more honest relationship with people in my life, especially my husband. I am better able to examine my behaviors and actions in relation to my values. Thank you.”
~Susan Carr, ND, May 2006

“ I appreciated the trust and openness that was fostered; the laughter, the flow, the sense of play and creativity. I benefited from the personal affirmation and encouragement to stretch and grow. I gained tools to improve my way of being in relationship and in the world.”
~Sharon Hall, RN, September, 2005

“I liked EVERYTHING about the workshop and the facilities. My heart is lighter.”
~Jeni Quiriconi, LMP, September, 2005

“The breathwork in particular provided opportunities for letting go, starting fresh, and new beginnings.”
~Mary Bell, LMT, May 2005, October 2008, October 2009

“The workshop was an opportunity to connect deeply with myself and others.”
~Louise Suhr, Nurse Practitioner, May 2005

“The breathwork and the beautiful peaceful facilities helped me the most. I experienced a BIG opening of the heart.”
~Kay Pasquesi, LCSW,
May 2005

“Immensely helpful, both personally and professionally.”
~Alex Shade, LCSW, May 2005

“I received the most beautiful gift: perfect alignment of my personal and professional mission and vision: My Vision To inspire physicians and transform health care through the joy of medicine and love of community. My Mission To model a community-designed ideal medical practice that renews the sacred patient-physician relationship. My personal Vision/Mission : To love everyone”
~Pamela Wible, MD, October 2004, October 2006, May 2007, October 2007

“This is not like any medical convention I’ve ever attended. It was a powerful love container.”
—Bert Berney, MD,
June 2003, May 2004

“I appreciated the opportunity to be in a loving, supportive environment where I could ‘BE ME’ in a public, social setting.”
~Scott Michaels, Acupuncturist,
May 2004

“I’ve been working hard most of my life to IMPROVE myself. After this workshop, I see that my SELF is already perfect. My much more gentle work now is to continue removing the obstacles to my SELF–now THAT is Radical Self Care!”
~Lynette McKenzie, LMT,
June 2003, May 2004