REFLECTIONS: Women’s Retreat

Choosing What Really Matters
It’s About Time…and Timelessness

Mirror of My Future, Reflection of My Past ©1995 Mara Berendt Friedman

Mirror of My Future, Reflection of My Past ©1995 Mara Berendt Friedman

With Kassy Daggett and Jeannie Edwards
September 20-23, 2018 at Breitenbush Hot Springs!

For 15 years we’ve been blessed to offer a wide variety of themes from Speaking Your Truth to Transforming Body Image to the current topic; Choosing What Really Matters. Whatever the title our essential questions are the same:

How is your unique life energy being spent?

Are you choosing wisely?

Whether you’re feeling too busy, under constant pressure and struggling with competing priorities or unmotivated, under-engaged, and unfulfilled by what you’re doing, we invite you to join us for reflecting on what Mary Oliver describes as “your one wild and precious life.”

The choices we make in each moment are continually morphing our lives. “Make time” for investigating the past, celebrating the milestones, and transforming the challenges. Imagine participating in a transformational women’s circle committed to offering and receiving support for establishing healthy boundaries and practicing effective communication skills that support your choices.

Through participatory activities, dialogue, breathwork, music, and creative personalized exercises, you’ll explore your next steps toward choosing freedom, authenticity, and satisfaction. It’s about time…and timelessness.

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DATES: September 20-23, 2018 (Thursday Dinner to Sunday Lunch) 2019, 2020 TBA
LOCATION: Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon
COST: $379 ($349 if registered by 9/1) plus lodging
DEPOSIT: Cost of lodging
CEs & CMEs: 18 hours available (9 for LMTs including 4 Ethics/Communication)
SCHOLARSHIPS: Breitenbush offers a limited number of scholarships toward lodging costs. The deadline is August 1 for this workshop. Here’s a link for more info.
PAYMENTS: Price includes $25 discount for payment by check. Credit Cards accepted with PayPal.
LODGING: All lodging options include three sumptuous meals per day and full use of the soaking pools, common areas, daily well being programs, etc. These are the lodging rates—per person—for the duration of the workshop:
$243 for camping in your own tent or sleeping in your own vehicle,
$285 for camping in a Breitenbush tent or dorm room,
$381 for non-plumbing cabin,
$477 for a cabin with sink and toilet.
REGISTRATION: Contact Jeannie at (541) 344-4374 or email

JeannieKassyJeannie and Kassy each have a thriving practice in Eugene where they work with individuals, couples, and groups in person or by phone/Skype. They have been described as “gentle, playful, flexible facilitators” who are “nurturing, caring, and supportive” with a “wonderful mix of compassion and enthusiasm.”

Jeannie Edwards, BS, LMT (#3484), Certified Hakomi Therapist has been a counselor and teacher since 1992. She specializes in mind-body approaches that inspire clients to connect more deeply and lovingly with self and others. Jeannie has a history of teaching the core curriculum class “Ethics and Communication” at Cascade Institute of Massage. She also offered Watsu workshops for LMTs for many years.

Kassy Daggett is a Somatic Therapist offering coaching, mentoring and facilitation. Her idea of Choosing What Really Matters includes a passion for painting as well as writing a book about her maternal grandmother titled Freedom House. Kassy’s history includes teaching the core curriculum class “Ethics and Communication” at Cascade Institute and Ashland Institute.  She also taught “Professional Development” as a core curriculum class at Cascade Institute as well as BreathWork for BodyWorkers™ workshops for many years.

Send Jeannie an email if you’d like a pdf of the flyer for posting, distribution, or to invite a friend to join you! Enrollment is limited so be sure to register early!

R E F L E C T I O N S   T E S T I M O N I A L S

Would you recommend the Reflections workshop to others?

Yes! It’s a life changing, non-threatening, spiritual journey. It’s a chance to be with other compassionate women wanting more out of life and doing something about it. And last—but not least—being guided by two very talented and compassionate women.
~Barbara Hemens, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

I do—often—to get in touch with and be reminded of our connection to each other and the brilliantly beautiful aspects of all our emotions. I keep coming back because it’s always a deep and abiding connection to what really matters and fulfilling glimpses of life and human spirit.
~Jude Painton, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016

Yes! When I came to Reflections, I was breathing life in and out through a coffee stirrer—bent in the middle. I learned that I can live the life I want to live, in the present, by breathing. How simple! I was given the grace of living 4-days in the arms of BIG LOVE. I have become a didgeridoo, a deep breather who makes music, joyful sounds, instead of tiny whispers. If you want to live in the present, let go of old wounds, be surrounded and supported by love and professional guides, Reflections is the place. ❤
~Sheri Ricker,

Oh yes, it will help you move through difficult times and instill a sense of hope and grace.
~Suzanne Strom, 2016

Absolutely! If more women in the world had the opportunity to do this work—our relationships and communities could grow—and connections would spread like wildflowers though the land. This work has been such a blessing. Thank you for holding the space and guiding us though each healing breath.
~Megan Hamilton, 2012, 2013, 2016

“Yes, yes, yes! It’s amazing and intense and beautiful. It will change your life.
~Ramah Rosenquist, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015

“Absolutely! It’s a great way to tap into and explore our inner selves for healing and the chance to witness others on a deep level. Always an amazing journey!”
~Char Morris,
2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013

Yes, I would recommend it because it’s like 10-years of therapy in 3-days.”
~Zoe Rudzinski, 2013

“YES! I want to thank you both for this work, for your assistance, for your understanding and compassion. For having a safe place where I could express my inner most hurts, desires, sadness, and know that I was understood, listened too, accepted. I cannot express my deepest thanks to you both (I’m crying as I type this) because I don’t know if I could ever convey my full-on gratitude for what you two have created and allowed to be created in your presence. I want you to know I walked away a new woman, better than I arrived, and ready for what comes my way. I’m grateful and filled with a happy, free heart.”
~Jules Miller,
2008, 2010, 2012

“Yes, yes, yes! What I liked the most was the way you both invited the ‘mystery’ to inform and direct the flow of this amazing experience. The benefit I derived was breaking the hard shell of my heart WIDE OPEN! Thank you!”

~Rowan Varvais, 2009, 2010

“Yes. I will describe it as a spiritual retreat for women where we can be ourselves and be with each other in support of exploration and growth.”
~Alice Parman,

“Yummy, Yummy, Yummy—Having experienced different ‘kinds of therapy’ these past 4 days invited me to be more of me—I am so deeply grateful. Thank you.”
~Kat Daniel, 2009

“Yes, yes, yes. A safe place for everyone to open up and do their work of transformation—whatever their next step is.”
~Melissa McLaughlin, 2009

“Very much so! Great opportunity to freely work on lingering issues with other women who are on the path.

~Erica Mallin, 2009

“Yes, it was so nourishing. I would say, go to drink from the well of unconditional acceptance and love.”
~Lorraine Anderson,

“Yes. It’s a safe place to honestly look inside. I reconnected to my higher spirit.
~Paula Bentley, 2009

” Yes! This was a wonderful experience and worth repeating! A time of Truth and No Consequences!”
~Birdie Marmaduke, 2009

“Yes, yes, yes! This is the most powerful thing I have done for myself, possibly ever.
~Carolyn Cummins, 2006, 2007, 2008

“Yes! Rarely do women get such an opportunity to be free with their thoughts, dreams, tears and emotions. It was nurturing, encouraging, delightful, life changing, safe and tender.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Every woman can benefit from the blessing of being in community and holding space with other women.”
~Jessica Bonds, 2005, 2006, 2009

“Absolutely! This is a great workshop to lead you closer to your authentic self. I keep coming back each year for an annual tune-up.”
~Laura Mansfield,
2005, 2006, 2007

“Yes! Kassy and Jeannie are two of the most loving, caring, gentle, strong and wise women I know. Thank you!”
~Sara Alizadeh, 2005

“Yes. Amazing!! My favorite highlight was being supported to go at my own pace. It was very helpful to be in an organic in the moment process. I appreciated the deep women’s wisdom, the small groups, the variety of experiences, the location, and spontaneity. Wow!”
~Lisa Fenton,

“Yes! And I’m coming back next year! Kassy & Jeannie compliment each other so well—differing styles with common integrity, values, respect for each other and for participants. You both are excellent examples of being real, in the moment, and how we can all access more freedom through conscious choice.”
~Nadja Sanders,
2004, 2005

“Yes! It was such a relaxed, safe, and easy going atmosphere created by Kassy & Jeannie. No airs or pretensions of greatness. Instead they shared their gifts of warmth, humor, spontaneity, and safety.”
~Carol TenEyck,

“Of course! I was so amazed and moved by the connectedness and so excited about all the realizations without the huge sense of pain and despair I expected.”
~Mija Andrade,

“Yes! This was the best group I have ever been in because of the total integration of the group and the individual sharing. I received huge insights!”
~Peg Wadman,

“Already have! What a delight it was to be in the company of a group of powerful women—and to realize that I am part of that group.”
~Carol Elischer, 2003

“I would tell the world if I could. This is the kind of workshop I wish all women could do.”
~Lynnet McKenzie, 2003